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Birding video from Creekview

The Birding video form Creekview park on March 16, 2023 is live. The video is just the clips with birds cut from the ambience video. It is available at:

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Wildwood Park Water Video live

The Water video from Wildwood Park is now live. The entire area is a wetland/lake/marsh, so there were a bunch of shots of various water features at the park.. Video is available at: https://youtu.b

Wildwood Park Animals/Birding Video live

The Animal/Birding video from Wildwood Park is now live. There are a bunch of interesting animals there, some of which I managed to film. Video is available at:

Wildwood Park Ambience Video live

The ambience video from Wildwood Park is now live. I got some interesting shots of various birds, some turtles, and a snake. It was an interesting and fun day. There was a lot of wind and traffic n


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